The Rodna Mountains

The Rodna Mountains in Romania are considered one of the most unpolluted areas of Europe 24,000 ha of Romanian virgin forests are registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and Romania has one of the richest biodiversities in Europe. All these facts led us to the idea that we should do this privilege to have access to the fresh air available to other people.

The fresh air captured by us is from the heart of the Rodna Mountains some of the cleanest air in the world, our pure air canisters provide breaths of fresh mountain air wherever you are, whenever you need. Not only will you enjoy the fresh air, you will also get an authentic taste of the Rodna Mountains known as the wonder of the Mountains.

Innovation and product quality are important, but for the product to survive and prosper in the market over time, the human factor involved is just as significant as the product itself. This is why our team has been set up carefully since the beginning, because we truly believe in the importance of a competent team that works behind the product. Our team is small, but with extensive knowledge in the field, with experience.

The bottling of air in the pressure cylinders offers the possibility of inhaling several doses and is easy to carry in your pocket, bags, backpacks. It is a solution to overcome the acute periods of some diseases, but also to maintain your health. We believe that our commitment to the environment is reflected both in our production process and in the final product.

Inhaling our fresh air will:

- increase your energy

- increase your ability to learn and concentrate

- increase your sports performance or just

- help you relax after a long day at work

Due to the abundance of pure air, our team made it possible for people, especially from heavily polluted cities, to breathe the air from the Rodna Mountains. We believe in clean air, which is free of all types of gases and contaminating particles Alpin-Air offers people living in highly polluted cities the opportunity to get pollutant-free air

Air is delivered in portable bottles, allowing users to carry it everywhere. The breath of the mountains can always be there in your bag. With each breath, you will experience the freshest air in the Rodnei Mountains. Try this experience, using the product offered by us, with each breath you will feel the wonderful taste of the gift from the Rodna Mountains, as if you were taking a walk in these captivating outfits of nature.

All our products are analyzed before selling by a certified laboratory and are in accordance with international regulations.

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